About FASCAN International

FASCAN International is one of the foremost suppliers of Fassi hydraulic articulating cranes.

Through its association with the Fassi Group, an innovative world class leader in the design and manufacturing of articulated hydraulic cranes, FASCAN offers the complete Fassi line of articulated cranes through a network of fully authorized and trained local dealers who stand ready to assist with the proper selection of cranes to meet your broad range of lifting requirements.

Since 1992, when first selected by Fassi Gru Idrauliche to be their distributor for the USA, FASCAN has put more than 4,500 Fassi articulated cranes into service in all types of applications throughout the United States.

FASCAN International also has a number of dealership opportunities available throughout the USA, and we welcome any inquiries.

Whether you're looking to purchase a Fassi to satisfy your own business' lifting needs or you're interested in discussing a dealership opportunity, we're here to help.

Fassi Gru Idrauliche, S.p.A. History

The Fassi Articulated Crane was developed in 1964 by Mr. Franco Fassi. He designed the crane for the purpose of increasing the operational efficiency of his scrap recovery business. As others observed the Fassi cranes' efficiency and flexibility, a demand for the product was created and grew. Manufactured in Albino, Italy by Fassi Gru Idrauliche S.p.A., the Fassi Articulated Crane is not new to the United States having been distributed in the United States through various dealers since 1972.

Today, Fassi Gru Idrauliche S.p.A, has proven to be a continual innovator in articulated crane design and has earned its position as one of the top three (3) manufacturers of articulated cranes in the world. Fassi has a product line that encompasses approximately 75 basic crane models which translates to over 30,000 available configurations. The Fassi product line of articulated cranes includes: truck mounted, pedestal mounted, marine environment, wallboard specific, military versions and industry specific applications as well as the SoCaGe line of truck mounted aerial personnel platforms. FASSI has attained an annual production level of approximately 12,500 cranes per year. Fassi remains a family owned company.

Fassi's investment in the US is clearly seen by their purchase of a 180,000 square foot facility on 21 acres in Baltimore, Maryland.

FASCAN International, Inc. History

Fascan International's roots go back to 1982 when Mr. Bernie J. Faloney Sr. (owner of Contractor's Machinery and Equipment Ltd. in Burlington, Ontario, Canada) took on a product line of articulated hydraulic cranes, manufactured by an Italian Company - Fassi Gru Idrauliche S.p.A. Contractor's success with the Fassi articulated crane product line across Canada led to Fassi offering Mr. Faloney Sr. the opportunity to expand his operations to the United States.

With the acceptance of the offer, Fascan International, Inc. was incorporated on May 15, 1992 in the State of Maryland. Fascan International was created for the purpose of importing the Fassi Articulated Cranes and Aerial Work Platforms from Italy and distributing the product throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Fascan was initially headquartered in a 10,000 square foot distribution facility in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Bernie J. Faloney, Jr. was appointed President & CEO of the new company.

FASCAN's success with the Fassi line has resulted in several moves for increased capacity within the greater Baltimore area. It is currently operating from a 55,000 square foot facility in Baltimore. Since 1992, FASCAN has put over 4,500 Fassi cranes into service within the USA.




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