Introducing the XR710 “Stiff Boom Cranes”

Introducing the Fassi XR710 “Stiff Boom Cranes”

Fassi has introduced the XR710, a 7 ton single articulation crane labeled “Stiff Boom Cranes.” The XR710 series consists of two models, the XR714 and XR716. The last digit identifies the number of booms on the crane, so the XR714 consists of three telescopic booms plus the main boom, while the XR716 will have five.

The extension system consists of hydraulic rams and cables. This system is concealed within the telescopic extensions, thus remaining protected from any collisions with external obstacles. Rotation takes place by means of a motorized turntable that guarantees continuous 360° rotation and allows the operator to take advantage of the simplicity, reliability and compactness typical of this solution. The Fassi XR710 is equipped with two hydraulic motors which guarantee precise load handling, even when the crane is operating on uneven ground. In addition, the dual motor system ensures a higher level of reliability, halving the stresses transmitted between gear and cog.
The “Stiff Boom Crane” lifts the load exclusively with the winch which is therefore a fundamental component of the machine. Here the winch is positioned in the inner part of the column and is housed between the two sides. The crane offers the possibility of lifting at all ranges up to the sixth extension, adapting to the needs of different users, maximizing capacity or speed as needed.
The XR714 has a maximum load of 9,400 pounds at a 30 degree working angle and a maximum reach of 43 feet, while the XR716 has a maximum load of 8575 pounds at a 30 degree working angle and a maximum reach of 62 feet.
In addition to the XR710 series, Fassi also has a smaller “Cargo Crane” version of the stiff boom. There are three versions, the XR313-R2, XR314-R2 and the XR315-R2. These cranes offer a max capacity of 6,800 pounds, and a reach of 25, 32, and 40 feet respectively.